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Osceola Turkey Hunting

On Private Land


One of the most coveted and sought-after turkeys to bag is the Osceola Turkey. This unique bird is one of four subspecies of wild turkey in North America needed to complete your Grand Slam. The Osceola Turkey is a prize among all hunters due to its challenging nature and small area of population; it is considered by many the hardest bird of the North American Turkey Grand Slam!

Our guides have years of experience calling and stalking Toms and spend countless hours scouting leased and owned properties every season. Our low pressure practices and ethical harvesting of only mature Toms has provided us with successful hunts year after year. 

Leased and owned property used while turkey hunting stretches across multiple zones, giving us an early season and late season opportunity to harvest birds. Florida also hosts an early youth weekend as well, so make sure you take advantage of booking your youth’s hunt during that time!

Fox Brown Outfitters offers a three-day hunting package for $2,750, consisting of three morning hunts and three afternoon hunts.  It includes first-class meals, lodging, transportation on our privately owned or leased ranches, and one Osceola Turkey.  While there are no guarantees in turkey hunting, we have had a 100% success rate giving hunters the opportunity to harvest a mature Osceola on our ranches.
When available, a second bird may be harvested at an additional charge.

*Opportunities to harvest an Eastern Turkey in North Carolina and a Rio Grande Turkey in Kansas are also available. Call and ask for information!!

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