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Hog Hunting

On Private Land


Buggy Hunt

Wild boar hunting is one of the most adrenaline pumping and action packed hunt a person can experience. If you’re looking for a hunt where you don’t have to be still or quiet, this is for you!

When you arrive be prepared to board a large swamp buggy, capable of tackling all of Florida’s marshes and thick terrain! The buggy’s tall platform deck will have you elevated to view vast areas surrounding you, and shooting towers will keep you secure and give you a rest whether you are stopped to shoot or running and gunning. For closer encounters, after locating your hog, you will be on foot with your guide beside you.

You will enter 2,600 acres, where while hunting for hogs you will get to also see all of the exotic and native game offered at Fox Brown Outfitters. Experienced dogs will be used to wind off of the buggy until they alert that they have picked up a scent. Your guide will release the dogs who will locate and bay the hog….. This is where your high paced adventure begins, so get ready! At this point in the hunt you will have your choice as to how you’d like to take your hog. Possibilities include but are not limited to: shotgun, rifle, handgun, bow and arrow, spear, or knife. Your guide will be with you the entire time to ensure your safety, and the safety of the dogs. No two hunts are the same, you may get a close shot or a long distance running shot. There are no hog pens or hogs released from traps, this is authentic hunting and can go quickly, or can take all day. If you’re up for the challenge, this is the hunt that will get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing!

For pricing guidelines please add the daily fee plus the trophy fee for the type of hog you wish to harvest. Specials ran regularly on hog hunting, don’t forget to ask when you call!



• Fully guided trip
• Lunch
• Skinning of animal
• Quartering meat of the animal
• Ice for meat

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Please add the Daily Fee with the Trophy Fee below for total pricing. 

Day Fee Per Hunter: $100 per person
Day Fee (w/ overnight and dinner): $200 per hunter

Minimum of 2 hunters & 2 hogs for buggy hunts. 



Meat Hog (Minimum of 100 pounds): $250
Trophy Hog (Minimum of 2” of Teeth): $450

**Discounts given when 5 or more hogs are taken.
**Firearms may be rented at an additional charge. Spear may be used at no additional charge.

Tree Stand

Do you enjoy the peace and quiet of Florida’s untouched beautiful woods? Do you love watching deer, hogs, turkey, quail, and small game animals in their natural habitat? Does watching the sun come up or go down with no noise except for nature around you help you unwind? Than this is the hunt you are looking for!

Treestand Hog Hunts at Fox Brown Outfitters will bring you back to nature. You’ll sit in secure, comfortable, and covered tree stands or ground blinds over filled feeders waiting for the hog of your choice to come in. This hunt is a slower paced hunt that gives more time to get your gun or bow positioned and ready to make your kill shot.

This hunt is not guaranteed, however, we monitor all treestands and feeders closely with game imaging cameras and will not schedule a hunt or place you in a location unless we have recently and consistently seen hogs at that location.

*NO day fee is charged on this hunt! Included in the trophy fee, your guide will take you to your treestand or ground blind, pick you and your harvest up, skin your hog for meat or taxidermy work, quarter your meat, and provide ice.



All Hogs: $250
(No Day Fee with this hunt)

*Firearms may be rented at an additional charge.
*$100 is charged if you are unsuccessful. Success rates over 90%
*Please wear camouflage and bring a Thermacell or insect repellant.
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