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Big Game

Dreaming of a place where hundreds of animals from all over the world can be seen in one place? Well that’s everyday life here at Fox Brown Outfitters. Our exotic hunts include several species to choose from! No need to book a trip overseas or across the country! Year round hunting is available on all exotic hunts at Fox Brown Outfitters.

Fox Brown Outfitters carefully manages its deer herds to bring you quality trophy animals. Trophy hunting can be difficult, and although we have a very high success rate, no hunt can be guaranteed. That’s why if you do not kill anything, all you pay is the daily fee.

Meat and trophy hunts are available. Also, ask about current cull hunts and specials! For pricing guidelines please add the daily fee plus the trophy fee for the exotic animal you wish to harvest. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!



• Fully guided trip
• Lunch
• Skinning of animal
• Quartering meat of the animal
• Ice for meat

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Please add the Daily Fee with the Trophy Fee below for total pricing. 

Day Fee Per Hunter: $100 per person
Day Fee (w/ overnight and dinner): $200 per hunter




Doe: $1,000
Trophy: $3,500



Doe: $ on Request
Trophy: $5,000
+ $500 permit



Doe: $ on Request
Trophy: $3,000


Fallow Deer

Doe: $ on Request
Trophy: $3,500



Doe: $1,500
Trophy: $4,000


Pere David

Doe: $1,500
Trophy: $6,500


Red Stag

Doe: $1,500
Trophy: $3,500



Doe: $900
Trophy: $2,500



Cow: $1,500
Trophy: $4,500


Water Buffalo

Cow: $3,500
Trophy: $ on Request



Cow: $ on Request
Trophy: $5,000



Doe: $ on Request

Under 140″ $2,500

140″ – 160″ $4,500

160″ – 180″ $6,500

180″ – 200″ $8,500

200″ Plus  $10,000

Axis Deer: The axis deer, or chital (Cervus axis Erxleben), is native to the Indian subcontinent. It is considered to be the most beautiful of deer, with a bright tan colored coat marked with rows of white spots that persist throughout life. Antlers of males are large but simple, usually with only six point’s total.

Barasinga: Barasingha (Cervus duvauceli), also called swamp deer, graceful deer, belonging to the family Cervidae (order Artiodactyla), found in open forests and grasslands of India and Nepal. Barasingha require a special permit to hunt, please contact us to obtain this information.

Blackbuck: The blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra), also known as the Indian antelope, is an antelope found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The blackbuck is the sole extant member of the genus Antilope.
Fallow Deer: The fallow deer (Dama dama) is a ruminant mammal belonging to the family Cervidae. This common species is native to Europe, but has been introduced all over the world. White, spotted, and chocolate are available at Fox Brown Outfitters.

Nilgai: The nilgai or blue bull is the largest Asian antelope and is endemic to the Indian subcontinent. Only males possess horns, 15–24 centimeters (5.9–9.4 in) long.

Pere David: The Père David’s deer, also known as the milu or elaphure, is a species of deer that are mostly found in captivity. This semiaquatic animal prefers marshland, and is native to the subtropics of China. By 1939, the last of the wild species were shot and killed.

Red Deer: The red deer is one of the largest deer species. The red deer inhabits most of Europe, the Caucasus Mountains region, Asia Minor, Iran, parts of western Asia, and central Asia.

Sika Deer: The sika deer also known as the spotted deer or the Japanese deer, is a species of deer native to much of East Asia, and introduced to various other parts of the world. Most Sika deer do not lose their spots upon maturity.

Waterbuck: The waterbuck is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. It is placed in the genus Kobus of the family Bovidae. The long, spiral horns, present only on males, curve backward, then forward.

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