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Frequently Asked Questions
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What types of animals are hunted at Fox Brown Outfitters?

A variety of native and exotic deer, antelope, water buffalo, alligators, wild hogs and game birds. In fact, we provide habitat for several species of deer that are rare or extinct in the wild. For instance, the Peré David’s Deer have been extinct in the wild for hundreds of years but their species survives because of ranches such as ours. And, part of the permit fees paid to hunt Barasingha Deer go back to their native India to provide for critical habitat for this rare species. With the exception of the water buffalo which are destructive when mating, all our animals breed naturally here on the ranch so we have vibrant, healthy herds.

What is a fair-chase hunting operation.

Hunting is fair-chase if the animal has a reasonable chance of escaping the pursuit unharmed; if the hunter’s ability to track, pursue, and acquire an animal is no greater than the animal’s abilities to elude the hunter. At Fox Brown Outfitters, we hunt on over 3000 acres of land, that’s a lot of territory—about 4½ square miles. We hunt on foot and only allow a limited number of hunters on our property, so when an animal is shot at and missed, chances are no one is going to shoot at that same animal again for months and months. Compare that to seasonal hunting on state lands where a deer who escapes from one hunter is likely to run right into another hunter around the next bend.

What happens to the animals once they are taken?

Unlike hunters on public lands who have to transport the animals intact, our hunters have the animal dressed right here on the ranch. If they don’t want the meat, we donate it to charity.

Is your property regulated and licensed?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is the agency that regulates and licenses hunting businesses. We exceed all their regulations and we have always been fully licensed.

Do I need a license?

Yes, though if you don’t have one, we can provide it for you. Some species (alligator, Barasingha) require special permits that need to be arranged in advance as outlined on our pricing page.

What is your hunting season?

As a private preserve, our hunting season for native animals runs longer than the season for public lands. We are allowed to hunt the hogs and non-native species (Axis, Fallow, Sika, water buffalo, etc...) year round. We can hunt Whitetail deer from March through September.

What happens to the animals once they are taken?

Unlike hunters on public lands who have to transport the animals intact, our hunters have the animal dressed right here on the ranch. If they don’t want the meat, we donate it to charity – notably a local Christian rehab center. Dressing fees are included in the trophy price for all animals except the water buffalo. There is a small charge of approximately 60 cents per pound if you want steaks cut and wrapped.

What is the total cost of the hunt?

You pay the day or half-day rate plus the trophy fee outlined on our pricing page. The trophy fee is only charged, of course, if you kill or wound the animal. If your hunt is not successful, you pay the daily rate only.

Is tipping expected?

Tipping of the guides is at the discretion of the client

Do I need reservations?

Yes! Please make reservations as far in advance as possible to secure the dates you prefer, we allow only a limited number of hunters on our preserve at any one time. Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit.

Do you accept first-time hunters?

Absolutely but please let us know upon making your reservation. Our experienced guides are happy to work with hunters of all skill levels.

What if I do not have or do not want to travel with my gun?

We have rifles available for rent and ammunition available for purchase. However, please let us know of your needs when you make your reservations.

What weapons are allowed?

Rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, bow, crossbow

Can I film my hunt?

Yes, you are welcome to film or photograph your hunt. We offer greatly reduced observer fees if you would like to bring a friend with you to film or photograph.

Can I visit your preserve before booking a hunt?

Absolutely but please make an appointment to ensure we will be available. We also offer hour-long and 3-hour-long swamp buggy photographic tours if you would like to tour the preserve area prior to booking.
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